Morningtide customers are overwhelmingly happy with their purchases, giving us tremendous feedback that our products are helping to bring order and peace to their lives. We hear that our products are well thought out, high quality, “gorgeous,” and a treat to use every day.  Take it from our customers, our products are highly recommended. The 5 Star reviews quoted below can be found on our Facebook Page along with many other 5 Star reviews.

Sarah B. says, “We just finished our first term using MtE products, and I can say confidently that they made a real difference! The planner kept me focused spiritually and practically…The quality is top-notch, and it’s just plain gorgeous…It’s rare that I feel so strongly about every aspect of a company, but MtE is no ordinary business. I can’t wait to see what they develop next!”

April M. reviewed, “I have only the highest praise for this company. They have accommodated my requests willingly and generously and their customer service is wonderful. Their products are so thoughtfully created and are of the highest quality. I’m so glad to have discovered their work…”

Sarah R. reports, “…each item is such good quality and so thoughtfully made. There are wonderful extras that help me think about life, planning, homeschooling in ways I wouldn’t necessarily do myself, and yet the extras are not overwhelming as I find some planners to be. I will definitely be ordering again next year.”

Meghan shares, “Jennifer is a wonderful person and she and her husband have made an excellent product…I really can’t say enough about the MagTide board…This is a must have product.”

Dannie exclaims, “…I’d give Morningtide to Eventide 10 stars if I could!”

Emily double exclaims, “Ugh! I don’t even have words. I don’t know what I did before my Morningtide to Eventide planner and scheduling board! I love all of the products!!”

Danielle tells us, “Love, love, love my planner! …Gorgeous, useful, inspiring…I will be back year after year!”

Take a look at all our 5 star reviews over on our Morningtide Facebook Page, or Google Morningtide to Eventide where you can read more 5 star reviews.  Take it from our customers, products purchased from Morningtide are well worth it!