FREE custom printed family name! “Mom, what's for dinner?” I think I've heard this question more than I care to admit. That's all changed now with my Mealtide™. Not only does everyone in the family know what's for dinner, I no longer suffer from decision fatigue. Take a look at the Mealtide in animated action.


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  • The Mealtide™ Planning Kit comes in 2 choices.  For the planner extraordinaire we offer The Deluxe kit which includes a board with a "Notes" section and a book of planning mags for dinner entrées, dinner sides, lunches, breakfasts, and extras.  The Simple kit includes a board with a "Notes" section and a book of planning mags for dinner entrées, dinner sides, and extras.

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    1 full sheet of custom names (or labels) includes (7) magnets of 8 names (or labels) for a total of 56 magnets, each magnet measures 2.25" x .75"

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The Mealtide™ kit includes a large book of food magnets. Click the “Look Inside” to see the details.

The Mealtide™ is a planning and communication tool. Now meals shared as a family are clearly communicated to everyone. As soon as I come into the kitchen in the morning, I know what to pull out of the freezer, who my kitchen helper is, if we have a fasting rule in place and what I’m serving for each meal. I can plan weekly or monthly because of the flexibility of the board and the magnets. It helps me know what I have in my freezer and pantry, and I can move items over to “need” or write myself a note to help with shopping. It even helps me to remember and communicate to my family special guests, occasions, fast and feast days! My Mealtide™ is pretty and functional. Meal planning and communicating to family members about meals is now easier than ever.

Parts included in the Mealtide™ Simple

  • White steel wet erase board custom printed with family name, and the Mealtide™ exclusive design for planning by the week or month, encased in locally sourced ebony colored frame, 19.5″ x 13.5″
  • 6 sheets of beautifully printed magnets to indicate what’s for dinner, sides dishes, and extra mags for organizing and a whole sheet of blanks to write on with a wet erase pen
    • Dinner entrée magnets include popular American, European, Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian, and Vegetarian dishes
    • Magnets for side dishes include popular vegetable and starch sides
  • Black Expo Vis-à-Vis Wet Erase Marker and magnet pen holder
  • Beautiful wiro-bound notebook with original watercolor cover “Mama Bird and Hungry Chicks” image painted by Jennifer Bascom to store magnets
    • Cover and back are printed on poly material for water and tear resistance
  • Art and design created with love by Jennifer Bascom. Boards, magnets and notebook made and double-boxed with care and love by Delaney Bascom.

Additional parts included in the Mealtide™ Deluxe

  • All of the above plus 2 extra sheets of magnets to indicate what’s for breakfast and lunch


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 x 13.5 x 2 in


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