About Us

On December 9th in a beloved Facebook group I started a post which went something like this: Is there a company that makes a professional, beautiful planner for families who follow the Christian Year?

I wanted something intentional that would help me dig deeper into the life of Christ and the feasts of the Christian Year. It had to be beautiful so that I would enjoy it all year. I like color, so I preferred it to be colorful. I also wanted high quality paper, because I like to use all sorts of pens that bleed through cheap paper. I guess I was asking quite a bit from a planner company. Then someone in the comments replied, “You should design one because I would use it.” Several more people replied the same thing and I thought, “I do own a printing company. I like to create systems of functionality. I like to paint and I know how to do layout and design. Hey, I could put all these resources together and make this beautiful intentional planner!” I proposed the idea to my husband, and after a few days of thinking it over and he was more than on board with it, he was coming up with ideas of his own to incorporate! Now we have products for all sorts of planning and organizing helping families to order their days through the Christian Year.

The name Morningtide to Eventide™ came about early one morning when I couldn’t stop thinking about the word “tide” and the image of waves consistently coming in and going out from the shore. Later that day I looked up the etymology of “tide” and I learned that in antiquity it meant “time.” I wanted the name to communicate the order of creation and the comfort it brings to enter into that order with keeping a schedule, and Morningtide to Eventide™ seemed to communicate that message perfectly.

Here we are today with a line of intentional planning and scheduling products, and more are being added each week.  We aim to serve our customers with products that facilitate order and communicate order through beauty.  Send us a message with your ideas or questions.  We are here to serve you.