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Delaney and Jennifer, owners of Morningtide to Eventide, have put a tremendous amount of thought, care and love into their planning and scheduling products. Every item has a unique purpose and beauty that no other company offers.  From original hand painted images to purposeful elements throughout, you will love to use the MtoE products every day.

MtoE products are made in the family owned print studio in Washington state.  Every ingredient in the products is carefully chosen for quality, and whenever possible ingredients are also made in the United States.  Delaney and Jennifer are proud Americans who value small business ownership and use other small businesses to produce the elements of their products.  For example, the frames for the Magtide boards are made right down the street in Seattle, WA.  Purchasing from Morningtide to Eventide supports families in the U.S.

As a small business, MtoE is also flexible and ready to serve.  Send in ideas and suggestions and perhaps your suggestion will make it into our product line!

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Kristen Moore
2 days ago

Love my Familytide Continuum! The kids are able to see everything that is going on at a glance! No more miscommunication! Just got the planner, but it is beautiful and seems like it will be perfect for keeping me on task without losing sight of my spiritual life.

Pauline Fletcher Magnússon
2 months ago

Every detail from Morningtide to Eventide is attended to, from ordering to packaging to the products themselves. My boards (Choretide, Family Continuum, and the homeschool planner board whose name escapes me) and their accessories (sticker and magnet books, hanging accessories, marker) arrived in perfect condition after a cross country journey, and have been exactly what we needed both for organization and structuring our lives according to what really matters.

Elyzaveta Bateham
2 months ago

Truth, beauty, goodness masterfully blended for anyone to use-very flexible, distills the important aspects, love!!

Jill Courser
3 months ago

I just received my homeschool planner last week, and it is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to begin using it next month. It combines all the elements I needed in a planner: daily devotional readings, room for journaling/reflection, calendars, a guide to the liturgical calendar, and well thought out daily lists and check boxes for our homeschool work. And the artwork throughout is so lovely! In fact, I left it sitting out the other day while I went outside, and when I came back in I found my 7 year old son flipping through it, soaking in all the beautiful...

Sarah Blascovich Brown
3 months ago

We just finished our first term using MtE products, and I can say confidently that they made a real difference! The planner kept me focused spiritually and practically - I LOVE having the daily lectionary in the same place that I have our daily/monthly calendar and school plans. The quality is top-notch, and it’s just plain gorgeous. It’s a pleasure to sit down each weekend and work on plans, just as it’s a joy to sit down most mornings and spend time in scripture before we begin our day.
The planning board helps my girls (ages 6 and 8)...

April McClure Stewart
3 months ago

I have only the highest praise for this company. They have accommodated my requests willingly and generously and their customer service is wonderful. Their products are so thoughtfully created and are of the highest quality. I'm so glad to have discovered their work. My only regret is that I'm not independently wealthy and able to invest in all they've done. 😉

Trudy Rpe
4 months ago

Today my 2018 Christian Year Planner arrived. It is far more than I had anticipated! Love the artwork, paper quality is great, LOVE the month page edges are colored to separate each month. 9x6 is bigger than I like but it will be very functional for my purposes. Concern: whether the cover will hold up to wear/tear through the year. Overall impression: 5 stars.

Meghan Dailey-Faulhaber
6 months ago

Jennifer is a wonderful person and she and her husband have made an excellent product. She set up the planner in a custom way for me that is working just as I want it to. I really can't say enough about the MagTide board. What a breeze to set up our homeschool schedule and keep us on track. This is a must have product.

Sarah Rounds
6 months ago

I got a planner for myself and a student journal for my daughter, and each item is such good quality and so thoughtfully made. There are wonderful extras that help me think about life, planning, homeschooling in ways I wouldn't necessarily do myself, and yet the extras are not overwhelming as I find some planners to be. I will definitely be ordering again next year.

Rae Cisneros
6 months ago

Best homeschooling planner made anywhere. It's impeccably organized & beautiful. A must for any Charlotte Mason Homeschooling mom.

Dannie Casper
6 months ago

I love my planner! As a home school mom to an autistic boy, life can get pretty crazy & hectic. My planner keeps me focused, on task & is a joy to work with. I especially love the fact that my home school planner shows me the Orthodox feast days! I'd give Morningtide to Eventide 10 stars if I could!

Amber Nicole Varney
6 months ago

Their products are amazing quality and they look beautiful. I recommend them to all of my homeschooling friends.

Amy Heffernan Webb
6 months ago

This planner and Magboard system is unlike anything else out there! It's beautiful, high quality stuff. The paper in the planner is luscious and thick. The Magboards are heavy and solid. It's so awesome to look up, see our whole schedule for a week at once glance, and then after each lesson, quickly record what we accomplished in our planner's record keeping system. While jotting that down, the planner's self-assessment system allows me to ascertain my own effectiveness as a teacher. The MTE products are second to none. I love them!

Danielle Clark-Dyball
6 months ago

Love, love, love my planner! I have searched high and low for the perfect planner to combine work, home, and school and I have finally found it. Gorgeous, useful, inspiring...plus the student planners are wonderful. I will be back year after year!

Jennifer Daskalos
6 months ago

I love the products from Morningtide to Eventide! I have never been able to organize my homeschool day, week, much less year in such an easy, pain free way before now. I'm so excited to start this school year, and so are my kids! It helps so much for them to see what their day will look like. Thanks so much!

Hope Brown
6 months ago

I love my planner!! It's beautiful and full of charm!! Jennifer's artwork makes me smile every time I grab it!

Jessica Stegman
6 months ago

If I could add more stars I would! I ordered 4 custom boards, one for each of my three children as well as a family board for our daily structure. They arrived quickly after manufacturing and the packaging was incredibly thorough. I am blown away by the amazing quality of my boards. They literally thought of everything! From heavy duty, high quality materials throughout, as well as adding felt pads to prevent wall paint from being scratched, to including mounting hardware and instructions for setting up the boards, I couldn't be happier. These scheduling boards are worth their weight in...

Sarah Lake
7 months ago

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Jennifer was in helping me choose a planner for our family's homeschool. I received our new planner and Magtide board the other day, and am so impressed by the attention to EVERY detail - from the careful and deliberate packaging to the layout of the planner, everything was beautiful and perfect.

I recommend that everyone have one of these planners and boards for their homeschool!

Diane Ricks
7 months ago

Just received my beautiful new planner yesterday. Spent the evening setting things up. Used it the first time today! The loveliest organization of my day of all time! I can't wait until we're back to school!��

Rissa Semas Cortez
7 months ago

WOW! The products I recieved exceeded my highest hopes for my scheduling and planning needs.
My Magtide is a sturdy, high quality, magnetized wet erase board which has been neatly marked with a time and day grid that perfectly fits the Magtide magnet jewels. It came with so many nice strong magnets, for an abundance of subjects, printed with vibrant colors and an easy to read at a glance font style. They also sent blank magnets that are easily customizable. No detail was overlooked. The board has pads backing it, to help protect your walls.

Heather Bain Brandt
7 months ago

The couple behind this line of products have put so much heart and wisdom into these tools. They are seeking out practical solutions to bless many-- be it families or individuals seeking planners that help them to grow in faith & beautifully integrate the liturgical year if desired. The planners are so gorgeous that I am more motivated to make time to incorporate them into my homeschooling family. I can't wait to see what other beautiful tools are produced by this thoughtful, creative couple!

Amy Fields
7 months ago

Jennifer and her family have gone above and beyond in making a product that is not only practical, but attractive as well. I have both the planner and Magboard.

As a mom with two special needs children who has multiple appointments a week, therapies, and homeschooling I need to stay on my A game. Thanks to these planners I'm able to make sure that things run a lot more smoothly in our home.

If you don't homeschool these planners are versatile. With a little creativity you can use them in your routines...

Carla Judson Harbron
7 months ago

I was so thrilled to receive my planner from Morningtide to Eventide. I loved that I could customize it to what I needed in a planner. The practicals: the quality of the paper is wonderful, the binding is strong and the size is perfect for what I need. The "gravy"--the cover is beautiful, the fonts are lovely and the artwork in the planner is lovely. My planner makes me smile every time I see it. I am so grateful!

Tania Pregl
7 months ago

I received my planner and student journals in the mail and was giddy with excitement! The layout is perfect, the cover is filled with beauty and having the liturgical cycle included with readings helps me stay the course. I highly recommend the planner and student journals!

Kira Kyriake Michele Miller
7 months ago

I don't even know where to begin! The ability to customize so many choices in the ordering process, the turn around time to be printed and shipped was great, and once here I've been using it to get not only organized for homeschooling, but my day to day life as well. This is such a quality product, the materials are solid and durable - a must when it's around small children! The artwork Jennifer hand painted is so beautiful, it takes this up a step from just a hum-drum utilitarian planner to something I really enjoy looking at as I...

Sara Lee Fouts
7 months ago

I am love, love, loving my planner and Magtide boards!! The planner is so beautiful with lots of space to journal and plan, and the boards make our schedule visible to the whole family. So much more peace in our home! And did I mention they are beautiful?! �

Lynn Crumpton Wilcox
7 months ago

I just finished working with my new Magtide Tactile Homeschooling Scheduling System. The color coded magnets and variable time increments made scheduling CM classes a breeze for two kids! The materials are durable, easy to use, and easy to read, and are made of high quality materials. Overall, it is an elegant organizational system that makes this teacher and home school mom's heart happy.

Kim 'Traynor' Cangelosi
8 months ago

I'm in love with this homeschool planner! It's so beautiful that I look forward to opening it up each morning, it's so large that I don't feel cramped for space, and its dual focus on faith and the CM method helps me stay focused and inspired. Highly recommend!

Janell Sorensen
8 months ago

I just received my order today and can NOT thank you enough for this AMAZING and practical Magtide Tactile Homeschool Scheduling System! The detail and quality are wonderful and you've literally thought of everything to make this specific to individual homes and school rooms. I look forward to using this for MANY years! I also love the homeschool planner as well! Again, very well thought out and I can't wait to have everything in one place come fall. Thank you again!

Chris Stevenson
8 months ago

wonderful resource for parents who home school their crumb snatchers!!

Tondra Knudson
9 months ago

My sister has always been innovative and a great entrepreneur. Her, along with her supportive husband have taught such rich classical education for years. I will urge all my homeschooling friends to check out their scheduling programs.

Jennifer Dow
10 months ago

This is a wonderful planning system. It really focuses in on the activities of the homeschool mom! Every other homeschool planner I have seen just looks at what the kids have to do. This planner helps you to become more aware of what you are and are not doing as a teacher. Because of this awareness, you are then able to see where you as the teacher need to improve. So wonderful!

Lindsay Meadows
10 months ago

The planning projects are not only beautiful but they are well thought out and very functional for a homeschooling family, for the teacher and students alike.

Cheryl Wainwright Floyd
10 months ago

Thoughtful company run by a family who uses what they create. Beautiful layouts for moms and children. Scheduling and journaling just became more human.

Angelina Stanford
10 months ago

Love these well thought out and beautiful planning products! Our days are running so much smoother! Highly recommend!